City Moves Dance Studio - Specializing in Children's Dance Classes
Discover the joy of ballet with your little dancer. The littlest dancers bring their mommy, daddy or nanny to class to develop motor skills, basic ballet movements, and tumbling. We dance, sing and use creative props to inspire movement in our tiniest dancers. 45minutes
Storybook Ballet(2 yrs/Drop-off) - Inspires our littlest ballerina through story time, imaginative play and creative movement. Helps children develop their physical skills, channel their energy, stimulate their imagination and promote their creativity through music and movement. This is a drop off class designed just for our little ballerina's that are ready to dance by themselves. The teacher will gently introduce class structure, following direction of teacher, standing in line and taking turns. 45 minutes

Pre- Ballet (3-4 yrs) -is an introductory class to the basic fundamentals of ballet while stimulating your child’s creative imaginations. The teacher will lead the children through warm-ups, stretches, center floor work, across the floor movements and ballet combinations. This is a structured class that will inspire our dancers to be confident through movement. 45 minutes
Ballet -is a classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement and by elaborate formal gestures, steps, and poses. Children will learn beginning fundamentals of the dance form.
*Ballet 1/II/III Level placement depends on age and class history
Tap-Lean to flap, shuffle and make rhythms with your feet. This class will get your heart and feet pumping to the beat of the music.
Ballet/Tap Combo-This class combines the basic movement of both dance styles.
. * next to the ballet class indicates a combo class. 1 hour

Lyrical Jazz (6yrs and up)- This expressive dance style combines the techniques of ballet, jazz and modern. Students will learn lyrical technique along with how to express emotion through movement.

Broadway Jazz-Jazz hands, high kicks, leaps and turns will all be taught in this upbeat high energy class. The fundamental movements and  jazz technique will be the focus while shaking our hips! 
Hip- Hop - Street style jazz mixed with the latest moves to the latest music!